Verizon has yet to announce a release date for the HTC One, but it does appear as if they have just inched a bit closer to that point. A newly launched teaser page is showing the Verizon branded HTC One. While this page doesn’t include the release date or pricing details, it does show a nice image of what we can expect in terms of looks.

Simply put, the handset doesn’t look like it will be overloaded with Verizon and 4G LTE branding. Assuming this image remains accurate, the front of the handset will be clean and the only mention of Verizon and 4G LTE will be sitting on the back just above the Beats Audio logo. Otherwise, this page is your basic teaser page and offers nothing more than the promise of the handset coming “later this summer.”

The interesting part, Verizon has yet to link this one to the main page and instead it was discovered by the folks at GottaBeMobile through a simple search on the Verizon website. Looking back and we have seen a few dates rumored for the launch of the Verizon HTC One. Those dates have included August 15th and then later, August 29th.

But again, neither has been confirmed by Verizon or HTC. Those looking to the picture will notice the date on the handset is September 5th. We suppose that could be a potential release date, after all, it does fall within the “later this summer” timeframe. But then again, that date on the display of the phone idea hasn’t always lined up as well as one would hope.

All said and done, while the HTC One is a rather anticipated phone, it is just one of many that are heading to Verizon Wireless over the coming weeks. There is also the new DROID line including the Maxx, Ultra and Mini as well as the Moto X. We have already seen a release date for the new DROID line, however the Moto X is sitting in a similar position as the HTC One with no date and little more than a teaser page having been launched.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless