Just hours after after making the promise, the much awaited and long delayed Android 4.4 update for Verizon’s HTC One owners is finally rolling out. And considering how big this update is, which includes the latest Sense 5.5 version, Verizon happily provided a document that highlights this release’s new features.

As expected, one of the big changes in this update revolves around the HTC One’s Blinkfeed feature. The changes are, however, quite minimal but should still help make the app easier to use. For one, reaching content sources is as easy as swiping from the left side of the screen. And if you’re not a fan of the feature at all, turning it off is easy too, with a pinch to zoom on the homescreen and a dedicated button to toggle Blinkfeed. The lock screen has also been modified to make it easier to add widgets. Again simply swipe from the left and click on the add icon.

This latest update isn’t just all about fancy functionality either. The Location Settings page has been revamped in line with Android 4.4’s changes, offering more information about which apps are using location services as well as their corresponding battery usage. It also includes the new categorization of location profiles such as high accuracy, battery saving, and device sensors. The HTC One will now also have a Do Not Disturb mode, with the usual set of features for blocking out distractions at certain parts of the day.

Other bits and pieces include improvements to the interfaces of the music and gallery apps as well as the addition of a preloaded (read: bloatware) Verizon Support and Protect app. The changelog also notes the implementation of Over The Air WiFi exclusivity, which could mean that OTA updates will no longer be allowed on mobile data connections, which may be an inconvenience to some.

SOURCE: Verizon (PDF)
VIA: TalkAndroid