HTC One owners for Verizon, rejoice! The handset will be getting at OTA update soon, and it’s likely what you’ve been waiting for. Via Twitter, we learn that technical approval has been granted for the flagship HTC One to get the latest software version(s) available.

That’s right, HTC One owners, you’re getting KitKat. The latest in Android is coming to your Verizon handset, bringing with it a host of little tweaks an improvements. Though it remains to be seen whether or not the One will support all the goodies found in KitKat, like a new dialer or HAngotus SMS integration, it does bring it in line with the latest software available from Google.

With KitKat, HTC One owners with Verizon will also get Sense 5.5, the latest from HTC. The main changes in Sense 5.5 involve Blinkfeed, HTC’s take on a news feed of sorts. With Sense 5.5, users will be able to add RSS feeds to Blinkfeed, as well as Google+ content. The Gallery also gets a slight tweak, as well as the Camera and Zoe.

This is great news for those who really like their HTC One, and comes at a time when many are anticipating an upgrade to the flagship. With news of the HTC One-Two — or M8 — coming soon, we now get a better idea of what software tandem HTC may put on that device. Happily, those who aren’t interested in an upgrade also get the newest from HTC and Android, so it’s a great day for HTC fans all around.