Both T-Mobile and AT&T have already been rolling the Android 4.3 update to Galaxy Note II users and it looks like a third carrier is just about ready to begin. Next up is Verizon Wireless, who have recently posted the changelog on the support pages. The update is detailed as being Android 4.3 and arriving as software version JSS15J.I605VRUEMJ9.

Similar to the other Android 4.3 updates, this one is adding support for the Galaxy Gear, but in the case of Verizon Wireless, there is more to the update. Details coming from those support pages show an update that measures in at 246.5MB in size and one that will need roughly 20 minutes to download and install.


The Galaxy Gear support is just that. Verizon Galaxy Note II users can now spend the $299 to get the companion screen on their wrist. In terms of features, the Galaxy Gear brings a camera along with hands-free calling, find my phone, and pedometer, S Health and music integration. Of course, that support also includes notifications that are sent from your phone.

Otherwise, this update has several improvements along with some miscellaneous other changes. The improvements break down as follows;

  • Extend battery life when using Exchange mail
  • Callback number will display properly in received text messages
  • Viewdini application has been removed; Previously downloaded app will not be lost
  • Apps can be moved to SD Card (requires the app developer to support this option)
  • Voicemail notifications
  • Google Maps
  • Wi-Fi performance

The upgrades include the Note 3 version of Pen Up and Multi Window as well as Sound & Shot for the Camera, enhancements to Bluetooth Smart Ready Low Energy and the ability to roam on the Telus network while in Canada. A few apps have seen name changes including AllShare Play, AllShare Cast and Media & Music which are now sitting as Samsung Link, Samsung Monitoring and Samsung Hub respectively. Last in terms of the changes, the VMware, Amazon Appstore and Amazon Widgets have all been updated.

With that, those carrying a Verizon branded Galaxy Note II have two options ahead of them — sit back, wait for the update notification to arrive and then follow the prompts or dive into the settings and check manually.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless