Another carrier branded Galaxy Note II is getting an update. This time around the update is rolling out to AT&T users and the update as a whole will likely sound familiar as we recently saw it arriving for T-Mobile users. Basically, that is to say AT&T Galaxy Note II users are getting Android 4.3 which means support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Aside from the bit about AT&T Galaxy Note II users now being able to spend $299 on a companion smartwatch, the update is also adding support for Samsung Knox. This is a security feature and will likely be of some interest in the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) category. Knox is essentially a container setup that allows users to keep their personal and business data separated.

In addition to Galaxy Gear and Knox support, this update also brings several other Premium Suite features. These include a new Easy Mode and Samsung apps as well as PEN.UP, Group Play v2.5, Group Messaging and Samsung Link. The remaining Premium Suite features include Shot & Sound for the Camera and the Galaxy Note 3 version of Multi-Window.

All that having been said, the update is arriving as Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and with a baseband version number of I317UCUBMK6. Those carrying an AT&T branded Galaxy Note II can dive into the settings and navigate to About Device -> Software update -> Check for updates to try and get the process started. But remember, these updates often rollout in stages and as a result, this particular update may or may not be available or your specific device just yet.

VIA: Samsung


  1. It’s amazing how long it takes to rollout these updates and we’re still behind 4.4! All this superfluous branding rubbish and other nonsense just makes Android all the more maddening.


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