We are now hearing from all sorts of different sources and leaks that December 9th is the big (or little) day for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. With not so much as a peep from Verizon other than a few leaked emails it’s safe to say they’ll be doing a silent rollout or not making a big deal about the device. New leaks have confirmed Best Buy has received the Galaxy Nexus stock today and will also start selling it as soon as Verizon gives them the okay.

Although this is indeed a good sign, the leaked information from Android Central also mentions the release date is still pending. Sounds like a rush job if you ask me. Full retail boxes and accessories for the Galaxy Nexus have already started arriving at Verizon retail stores, add Best Buy to that list and we’ve pretty much confirmed the release date.

At this point I really see no reason why Verizon can’t just announced the device and we still expect some sort of details to be released any minute now. We could see a completely silent rollout with the device just being available online and in retail stores come Friday but I seriously can’t imagine Google not wanting to make a big deal out of the official ICS launch here in the US. Something still doesn’t seem right here but we’ll all just have to continue waiting until it’s either in our hands, or announced by Verizon. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for either but Friday is looking pretty solid right about now.

[device id=1740]

[via Android Central]


  1. I don’t like the phone because it doesn’t want to stab my eye and eat my kids. Oh wait, that was the brainwashing verizon was hoping for. Their marketing team seems like a bunch of 14 year old boys with no healthy outlet for aggression. What a joke… The average consumer has started to have negative associations with Android and its hurting the os’ reputation. Vz helped propell the original Droid to differentiate themselves, but why they haven’t steered the branding to be more broadly appealing is sad.

  2. I think Verizon wants this phone to have little success. Based on the Google Wallet and Openness of the device. This phone embodies the Net Neutrality thinking which is something Verizon opposes even if they say they don’t. That is apparent in the fact that they are blocking the Google Wallet. Which in my mind is the same as Microsoft not letting you load Chrome or Firefox. 

  3. Verizon is waiting until AT&T turns on LTE in a few more metropolitan areas because they are geniuses.  All major California cities have AT&T LTE now and it all happened while Verizon was squatting on the verge of releasing the Nexus.


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