Seeing as this email was sent out just today (if you’re clocks aren’t running on EST), it seems this information is as accurate as we’re going to get until Verizon officially announces the Galaxy Nexus. Quoted from the email to the store management teams, “This product cannot be displayed or sold til Friday December 9th”.

And if that doesn’t set the date in stone for you, then take a look at the attached PDF below. Stated plainly is an official launch date of 12/9/11 – just three days. Also note, on the same day corporate plans on having the website go “live”. There had been rumors that the Galaxy Nexus would actually launch closer to December 15th, but considering the date of this email – that may now be entirely out of the question. With how much time and money Verizon put towards advertising the DROID RAZR, you would think such an innovative device would receive a bit more official coverage this close to a launch date.

Now do we take this email seriously or just pass it off as a fake? I’m a stickler when it comes to photo editing, and it seems as though both the email and PDF put together poorly. However, this close to launch a rushed email may seem viable. We can bet our chips on this leaked email, but in the end there’s only so much disappointment we can handle.

[via RootzWiki]


  1. I’m not liking the “UPS”…unless it’s been a recent change, Verizon has done all their shipping through FedEx…

    still hopeful on the Friday launch. spoke to a Verizon in-store rep yesterday and he said “Friday or next week” and he’d hold me one.

  2. Yeah, no company would use the word “til” in place of the word “until” in a corporate email, this is clearly a fake.

  3. Launching in two days, with no build-up, no action on their Nexus web site, no commercials (they’re still pushing the RAZR) – I’m not buying it.  I’d believe a launch next week sometime or later in the month.  They want to get as many sales of the RAZR as they can –

  4. This is clearly not from a Verizon store, but rather some third party reseller.  “The stores that carry Verizon phones”??  Clearly not VZW stores.  Maybe Costco or Bestbuy,, both of which already leaked about getting the phone. Or more likely some jankier operation (hence the bad grammar).


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