Our good buddy Zapados appears to have taken some sneaky shots of promo materials delivered to his local Verizon store. Included is a poster that notes the Incredible 2’s ability to take front-facing video, the fact that it’s got a 1GHz processor, and that it’s Global Ready for use in “more than 200 countries.” Sounds like quite the fashionable phone, yes? And it’s got that nice crystal droid eye too!

I’m sure WordFlowOne isn’t going to like this, but we appreciate the tenacity in the hearts of all your Verizon workers out there. What you’re going to want to peek at next is the Droid Incredible 2 press shots that surfaced a few days ago, a lovely Verizon 2011 roadmap that puts the release date for this particular handset on the 28th of April – this would fall right in line, wouldn’t it?

Then have another look at that crystal Droid eye. Isn’t it magnificent? For those of you that know me, Chris Burns, I’m a graphic designer at heart, having gone to the completely rock and roll school MCAD in Minneapolis, I’ve got totally lustful eyes for such fabulous reds and blacks. Well played, designers, well played.