When Verizon announced their new 4G LTE network they had a few goals set in terms of the rollout, and how many customers would be able to take advantage of the new network. Today Verizon has announced that the original goal of 185 million customers has already been reached and that they are ahead of schedule, not to mention that they’ve also already reached their goal for the amount of markets that actually have 4G LTE.

With the 22 new markets last week and 17 more receiving the upgrade to 4G LTE next month, Verizon will have successfully launched their new and improved network in 178 markets across the US. Neat huh? With phones like the upcoming Galaxy Nexus and the recently released 4G LTE Samsung Stratosphere Verizon has the top end and the entry level covered. They have 4G for any users budget and are aiming for 15 LTE capable devices by the end of 2011.

Currently Verizon 4G LTE is the fastest network around, and reaches more Americans than most but AT&T also has some 4G LTE aspirations. Currently AT&T 4G LTE is only available in 5 cities across the US, but they have big plans for the future. With the news today that Verizon has already reached their goals and are well ahead of schedule, the hill just got even steeper for the folks in blue over at AT&T. Things are looking good for Verizon and if you’ve been debating a 4G LTE phone now is a good time to buy, but I’d wait for that new Samsung Galaxy Nexus if it were me.

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