US Cellular has confirmed the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The carrier has said the handset will be “available for customers in October” however they have yet to offer anything specific. Aside from the October release timeframe, US Cellular has said they will have the Note 3 available in Jet Black.

Basically, while US Cellular has offered the confirmation we were waiting to see, they have yet to reveal many of the important aspects such as the pricing. Of course, looking towards other carriers and it seems likely the Note 3 will be arriving towards the beginning of October and priced in the ballpark of $300.

As a recap, pre-orders went live earlier this morning with Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Both of those carriers have the Note 3 priced at $299.99 on a two-year agreement. Verizon Wireless is currently offering a ‘will ship by’ date of October 10th and AT&T is saying the pre-orders will ship on October 1st. T-Mobile on the other hand, has said the Note 3 will be available beginning on October 2nd. T-Mobile will have the Note 3 priced at $199.99 down with an additional 24 monthly payments of $21.

Aside from the Note 3, Samsung also announced the Galaxy Gear smartwatch earlier in the week. US Cellular has yet to say anything specific about the watch, however T-Mobile has said they will have it available for $299.99. The Galaxy Gear is expected with AT&T and Verizon Wireless has it available for pre-order — for those willing to buy it alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

That all being said, those considering the purchase of either the Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Gear (or both) should benefit from our earlier coverage which included some hands-on time for the phablet as well as the watch.

SOURCE: MarketWire