Fairphone has announced that it would end support for the first-gen Fairphone as it would move on to the Fairphone 2. The brand has discontinued support for the first model because some replacement parts have been discontinued as well. There is still the Fairphone 2 that promises the modular system which means you can easily upgrade some elements like the camera.

You don’t have to have an expert update your phone because you can do it yourself. Just buy the parts and you’ll have an almost brand new phone. This idea of a modular phone has been out there since the Project Ara was first introduced. Sadly, that one hasn’t fully become a reality. It even got many competitors with the Moto phones with Moto Mods as the most successful so far.

The Fairphone 2 has been available since 2015. You can say it’s an old phone but it can be new with modules. The phone was released with an 8MP rear and 2MP front-facing camera but you can upgrade them to 12MP and 5MP cameras for only €45 and €30, respectively. You can get them as a bundle for only €70.

You can install the modules on your own. First, remove the back cover and battery. Next is to remove the screws and the module and then insert the new module before putting back the screws. You can get the Camera Bundle Module on Fairphone’s online shop.

SOURCE: Fairphone


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