We’re excited to see not only the recently leaked LG Watch Style but also the LG Watch Sport. The pair was also leaked as the latest Android Wear smartwatches from the other South Korean tech giant. The Sport variant is believed to be bigger between the two so obviously, it will be more expensive. The LG Watch Style will be sold at $249 while the Watch Sport will be $349. The hundred dollar difference may be big for some people but if you need more features, you’d want this over the basic Style.

The LG Watch Sport features LTE connectivity which means it can do a number of features the non-LTE variant can’t. For one, the LTE will allow texting or calling from the wearable device. The smartwatch also has NFC so it’s able to support Android Pay. True enough, the LG Watch Sport will be the first Android Wear smartwatch with Android Pay when it is released in the market.

The $349 is only the base price for the Watch Sport. It can go up depending on the band or color options. This smartwatch comes with a digital crown that is actually the centre button on the right side of the device.

Last year, LG rolled out the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. Its price is a bit more expensive than the LG Watch Sport’s so the latter offers more value for money. Smartwatch runs Android Wear 2.0, Google Assistant, and is equipped with NFC.

Hopefully, this LG Watch Sport together with the Watch Style, will help the Android Wear game. We’re hoping more people will turn to smartwatches this year especially because of their standalone functions.

VIA: Android Police