So it looks like – and this is purely at face value – someone got a hold of an unreleased variant of a Sony Xperia smartphone and is trying to sell it in a listing on Njuškalo, Croatia’s largest online selling site, or WAS trying to, because the listing has already been taken down. The seller was pimping it as a “new model of the Sony Xperia X Performance,” which we all know is Sony’s current (and a bit underwhelming) flagship.


We might never know if either Sony’s lawyers got to the seller or if somebody already bought it, because the online listing is already gone. But from what our friends at got wind of, the seller said that the specs included a 5.1-inch display, 23MP rear camera, 12MP front camera, and 3GB RAM. He also says that it is made from a non-slippery metal housing. This is true to form for the Xperia X Performance, down to the smallish display, the powerful camera modules, and the underwhelming RAM quantity (underwhelming for a flagship, really).


The people at XperiaBlog are not so sure if the specs line up correctly, as they are expecting the new flagship – which they already got a leak of – to be the F833X, with a 5.2-inch display and a 13MP front-facing camera. Taking a look at the photos that were collected before the ad was taken down, it indeed looks like a Sony Xperia device.


In our heads though, if this were really the next Sony flagship, we can assume a few things. If true, this means that Sony is no longer willing to go toe-to-toe with Samsung, LG, and the other big names and matching them in top tier specs. The Xperia Z5 might have been the last effort of the Japanese giant in that, and they may just have surrendered that battle and are trying to find a new way back into the market. They seem to be concentrating on smaller form factors, middling specs, but great cameras. We can only look to see how well this works for them, if ever true.

VIA: XperiaBlog


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