Sony is set to launch a new flagship this second half of the year. We’ve already seen the new Xperia X phones including the Xperia X, Xperia XA, X Performance, and the Xperia XA. The next Xperia handset is believed to be this F8331. Some photos of the Xperia F8331 were sent to GSMArena. The handset is no doubt an Xperia. It actually looks more like an Xperia X Performance but a bit bigger.

According to the anonymous source, the Sony F8331 will have a bigger 1080p display screen and cameras that can record 4K videos. Avid fans and users of Sony Xperia devices will notice the difference in design. There seems to be a new camera layout probably because of the rumored LED flash. The left and right sides of the phone are more curved while the top and bottom are flat this time.

There’s still the spacious panel at the bottom area of the screen but underneath is a USB Type-C port plus the 3.5mm jack. On top you will see the earpiece, front-facing speakers, and the NFC antenna somewhere inside.

If this goes further beyond as a prototype, then this will be Sony’s first USB Type C phone. We’re guessing that the next flagship phone not only from Sony but from other OEMs will already feature the new tech.

This Sony F8331 isn’t final and official yet but we have a feeling it will soon go into production and probably have a big launch at the IFA this coming September.



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