Still on Twitter? If you are, you may want to change your password because there may be a security breach. Actually, Twitter is already trying to address the situation by warning users to change their passwords over a concern that they’re being stored as plain text. Login credentials have been found to be not secure. Millions of Twitter users have their passwords stored but unmasked in an internal log. Twitter shared the unfortunate news with all the active users who may be affected. There is no report of breach yet but to be sure, Twitter urges users to change their passwords.

This sounds like something that could have been prevented. But still, it’s better the problem is identified before an even bigger security breach happens. Twitter is normally safe because of the numerous verifications and authentication required as it continues to expand to more countries.

The problem was identified internally by Twitter devs. What happened was, the bcrypt hashing process experienced a bug that caused passwords being written to an internal log before completion. As a solution, the developers have “removed the passwords and are implementing plans to prevent this bug from happening again.”

This issue could have been kept internally but Twitter was transparent enough to tell the story. Of course, it needs to tell the people because it’s account security we’re talking about here. Twitter made a mistake and it’s the right of the users to know what happened.

VIA: SlashGear