While some people find the two-step login verification process a bit too excessive, you can never be too careful in trying to avoid people from hacking or illegally accessing your account for various, nefarious purposes. Twitter has been letting people do this process, but it will only allow you to use SMS or a login code generator as the second step. The latest update to the app now lets you use third-party apps to further vet that it is indeed you trying to log in to your account.

You can now use third-party apps as another option for the two-step verification process. Some of the more popular ones available in the market are Google Authenticator, Authy, and the ever-reliable (but maybe too expensive) 1Password. While the process adds a significant layer of security, some people find it annoying to use on any of their Internet-based services. But if you really want to be secure, well at least more secure than usual, then this is a necessary “evil.”

To be able to use third-party authentication apps, download the app you want to use first and complete the set-up and log-in process. Go to your Twitter account and proceed to the Settings and privacy section. Tap on Account, select Security, and under verification methods, you should see a mobile security app option. Put a check on it and follow the next steps, which includes verifying your password.

When you tap on the Set up now button, it should automatically open your third-party generator and lets you add the private Twitter key. When you accept the new key, the app will automatically start generating authorization codes whenever you log on to Twitter, just like you would get with your SMS.

SOURCE: Twitter