The developers at Twitter seem to be very busy these days. Yesterday, we just noted that the night mode feature is currently being tested as an addition to the Periscope broadcast button and the Material Design UI. The company just announced a number of important changes that will make your Twitter experience better than ever including new rules in counting the text characters.

It’s been a decade since Twitter was launched as a simple micro blogging website. It has since evolved into a bigger and richer platform. Starting as a simple 140-character text messaging site, it has developed into one creative platform where different media contents are shared. Anyone can quickly share photos and videos with #hashtags or @mentions. Send DMs and forward tweets. You can even now start a poll to know what the people in your community think about a topic. You can also now react to a tweet with GIFs.

Twitter isn’t satisfied and it wants to make its platform better by improving messaging. Tweets are simplified in the sense that some characters are not counted against the current limit. This means any attachments or the @names won’t be counted as characters. Twitter will not count the @names in replies anymore so you don’t have to scrimp on your words. It’s the same with media attachments. Your photos, videos, quote tweets, polls or GIFs won’t be counted as characters.

Another change that Twitter is introducing is the Retweet button on one’s own Tweet. Retweet or Quote Tweet a past message if you want to share again. Last but not the least, perhaps can even be considered as the most important one, is the end of the .@. When you want to broadcast a tweet, you usually type .@name. Twitter is changing that and will now be broadcasting all @name replies. Just Retweet any tweet if you want to share with more people.

Twitter Changes May 2016

Twitter will be rolling out the changes in the next few weeks or months slowly but surely. The changes won’t be felt at once but don’t be surprised if you encounter some new things. Developers are encouraged to keep track of the developments so they will also be able to update their Twitter-related apps.

SOURCE: Twitter