While Twitter is a necessity for most people strongly involved in social media (personally or professionally), the Android app for the micro-blogging platform leaves a lot to be desired. For some reason, they did not see the need to improve it other than just copy the iOS version. But reports are saying that a new alpha version is rolling out to testers, and this time, it looks more like it belongs on an Android device with its new Material Design UI.

Those of us who aren’t in the alpha testing program will of course have to rely on those who have received the update. And of course there are leaked photos and even a video, so we kind of know what it will look like (well, if they ever push through with a final build). Since it will have a Material Design look, then it’s no surprise that we’ll get a Floating Action Button (FAB) so that it will be easier and more intuitive to create a new tweet.

Another thing noticeable in this update is that you can now swipe left or right to move between your Home, Moments, Notifications, and Messages, instead of having to rely on your finger to touch the specific button that you want to touch. There are also subtle animations and other not-so-obvious-yet-still-noticeable changes in the design and UI.

Sadly, there is no downloadable APK so you can try it out since it’s a server side switch for those who are in the alpha testing program. So we just have to wait and see if Twitter will decide to actually release this update, which of course they probably will.


VIA: Phandroid


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