If you are one of the many that indulge in the rooting, overclocking, and general tweaking of your Android phones this will be some great news if you own one of the mentioned devices. The extremely popular Trinity kernels by Morfic have all been updated with some awesome improvements to both top speed, and for those battery conscious users that also want great performance.

Mainly built for the Nexus S and S 4G, he also compiles awesome kernels for the LG G2x. Morfic’s main focus is on the Nexus S and we have kernels that range from underclocked and undervolted for extremely great battery life at just 880 Mhz, all the way up to 1.54 Ghz for the single-core Nexus S. Today’s latest update the new TEUV kernel has been completely tweaked and improved for top battery life and performance both. Lowering the Nexus S from the stock 1.0 Ghz down to .88 GHz (880 MHz), this gives the device amazing battery life while still managing to perform as good or better than almost any other single-core (and some dual-core) phones on the market.

This is just a few of the many reasons we choose to root and toy with our Android smartphones. We’ve covered Trinity kernels before and with its help our G2x reached blazing fast speeds and list topping benchmarks. Then the Nexus S scoring well over 5000 in quadrant thanks to Trinity and CM7.

I know benchmarks, overclocking, and tweaking isn’t for everyone — but for those that do the Trinity kernels are worth giving a try that is for sure. Since these types of things are to be done at your own risk, as always proceed with caution and if you are considering giving a few of these a try yourself you should already know how. All the details, downloads, and versions are available at the source link below. — Thanks Simms

[via Trinity]