I know we talk about overclocking and benchmarks quite often, but it is a little exciting you have to admit. Seeing what the amazing developers and kernel builders can squeeze out of these devices, all that extra power they can unlock and keep the device stable. Today I have some benchmarks I have done myself this morning on my T-Mobile G2x running at 1.5 Ghz on a EXT4 kernel by Morfic, and I was getting some pretty huge benchmark results.

With a little tweaking and overclocking I was able to get 4570 in quadrant, almost breaking 4600. I pretty impressive considering the scores it was getting on stock. Even the Galaxy S II benchmarks we posted last month were only around 3100, but that is at stock CPU speeds.

To achieve the speedy results I’ve posted above head over to XDA and dive into some of the amazing kernels that are now showing up for these Tegra 2 devices. If anyone follows the developer morphic and his Trinity kernels for devices like the Nexus S, you’ll be glad to hear that is what I’m running on my G2x. Morphic has a single thread on XDA that is for all of his Trinity kernels for the G2x, so instead of linking to one, I’ll just direct you to that thread. I am running the CM7 build for the G2x, and Morphic’s CM7 EXT4 1.5 Ghz kernel myself and boy it is fast.

Make sure you use caution and select the right kernel for the rom you are running, as he has many types and versions posted. If you flash the wrong one you will run into issues. As always, do a nandroid backup before any large changes or flashing things in recovery. Enjoy the speed boost and please come back and leave a comment if you beat my score.

[via XDA Forums]


    • @twitter-23446633:disqus  it doesn’t stay at 1.5 the entire time, it cranks up when needed. You set the max at 1.5, and the min at like 300 and just enjoy it, but the battery takes a hit I’m sure. I’ve only ran this for one day so I can’t comment on battery.

      I can comment on CM7, it is still a WIP for the G2x and has some APN, data, and browser freezing issues, things are moving along well though.


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