Here’s a handy tool for all of you WhatsApp users. Are you ever caught in a situation where someone leaves you voice messages in Whatsapp, but you can’t open them because you are in a meeting or any place that would make it awkward to listen to voice messages? Transcribe for WhatsApp may just be a great help for you.

Transcribe for WhatsApp does exactly what it says it would do – it convert your voice messages to text, just so you can read them in situations where it may not be proper to listen to voice messages. Of course, this will help avoid those awkward situations where everyone can hear what the voice message was.

All you need to do is install the app. It also helps you avoid those 2-minute long messages with silence in between, because the app will just transcribe portions with voice in them. This app has already been getting warm reviews from Google Play, so it might be good to check it out.

At the moment, the app is free to use and download, without ads or time limits. Go get it from the download link below, and communicate to the developer via the official XDA thread (source link).

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store