WhatsApp new emojis now available on Kika Keyboard

WhatsApp’s latest update features new emojis that people will probably enjoy, especially those who love talking with their loved ones without using any words. They have also updates the sexual and racial diversity of the emojis, meaning all other non-mainstream identities are represented. The first to implement them natively is Kika Keyboard, a popular virtual keyboard that now automatically loads these emojis so you can access them easily when you want to express yourself through these cute symbols.

“Last seen” setting, every activity on WhatsApp can be tracked unsecurely

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for mobile devices today. It's widely used together with the Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Viber, and SnapChat among others. While each of this app has a certain fan base, together they make up for most of the mobile market that now prefer instant messaging over text messaging. It's definitely cheaper, more convenient, and even more fun to use.

WhatsApp looks to have pulled out Google Drive backup feature

A few days ago, we told you about an update to messaging app WhatsApp which allows you to back up your messages and your entire account onto Google Drive. The update was available on an APK Mirror but wasn't released on their Google Play Store page. Now it looks like they might have changed their mind or something because this feature has been disabled without any official announcement, and their latest build doesn't have this capability anymore.

Back up and restore your WhatsApp account on Google Drive

It seems that the folks over at WhatsApp are keeping pretty busy, bringing us updates every few days or so. The latest one, still in beta and not yet available on the Google Play Store update, allows you to back-up your conversations onto Google Drive. That means if you need "evidence" about a conversation you had that your friend is denying, you can just pull a file that you backed up on the cloud.

WhatsApp update: Material Design, better layout, new icons

It may be a little late to the party, but from the looks of it, the wait may be worth it. Popular messaging app WhatsApp has finally received a Material Design make-over as well as a much-improved layout and new icons. The update actually hasn't rolled out yet, but the APK is already available, in case you can't wait to see the effect the changes will have on the way you communicate with your friends.

Facebook to reportedly add WhatsApp button in Android app soon

It's been a little over a year since Facebook bought messaging app WhatsApp into its stable of acquisitions, but we still haven't seen any sort of integration or even connection between the two. In fact, Facebook has been pushing its own Messenger, especially after opening up the platform to developers. So what does the social networking giant plan to do with WhatsApp? Well, apparently, we're already seeing a small integration, at least for the Facebook Android app.

WhatsApp Call now active through invites (but be careful)

Last month, we told you about the WhatsApp calling feature that seems to now be active, that is, if you receive a call from someone already able to use the free service. Since then, it has been touch and go, then stop, then go again for users, and it has been causing a bit of frustration among those eager to try out this long overdue feature. This time, it looks like it's a go again (hopefully for good) although it's still a "by invite" only, with a bit of a malware scare thrown in the mix to make things more exciting.

WhatsApp will not permanently ban users of 3rd party clients

Some users of free messaging service WhatsApp were panicking last week when news came out that the app was putting a permanent ban on those who were using unofficial third-party services. But a spokesperson from the service has said "there is no permanent ban", but just a temporary one until the user has uninstalled the third-party client. What they are emphasizing is that they will continue blocking this "illegal" services, and has even served a cease-and-desist order to one of the more popular app makers.

WhatsApp issues permanent ban on users with 3rd party apps

After continually issuing warnings and doing temporary bans on users who keep using unauthorized third-party apps, WhatsApp is now permanently blocking those that have ignored the warnings. The "stubborn" users who refused to stop using the messaging app through other apps like Whatsapp+ or WhatsAppMD have found themselves receiving a permanent ban with no way to go back even when they start using the actual app.
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