WhatsApp Call now active through invites (but be careful)

Last month, we told you about the WhatsApp calling feature that seems to now be active, that is, if you receive a call from someone already able to use the free service. Since then, it has been touch and go, then stop, then go again for users, and it has been causing a bit of frustration among those eager to try out this long overdue feature. This time, it looks like it's a go again (hopefully for good) although it's still a "by invite" only, with a bit of a malware scare thrown in the mix to make things more exciting.

WhatsApp will not permanently ban users of 3rd party clients

Some users of free messaging service WhatsApp were panicking last week when news came out that the app was putting a permanent ban on those who were using unofficial third-party services. But a spokesperson from the service has said "there is no permanent ban", but just a temporary one until the user has uninstalled the third-party client. What they are emphasizing is that they will continue blocking this "illegal" services, and has even served a cease-and-desist order to one of the more popular app makers.

WhatsApp issues permanent ban on users with 3rd party apps

After continually issuing warnings and doing temporary bans on users who keep using unauthorized third-party apps, WhatsApp is now permanently blocking those that have ignored the warnings. The "stubborn" users who refused to stop using the messaging app through other apps like Whatsapp+ or WhatsAppMD have found themselves receiving a permanent ban with no way to go back even when they start using the actual app.

WhatsApp voice calling now available for selected Android users

With free messaging services continuously evolving into bringing features more than just texts and emoticons and stickers, it was only a matter of time before they all started trying to one-up each other in terms of services offered. One of the more popular apps is WhatsApp, and its users are eagerly awaiting the free voice calls they knew would eventually arrive. A Reddit user has posted saying it's finally here, although they are probably testing it out on selected users and regions for now.

WhatsApp now available on desktop but only on Chrome (for now)

There are times that some intense conversations are better had with you typing away on your desktop keyboard rather than swiping away on your virtual one. Or there are also times when you can't use your mobile phone but need to keep a conversation going. If you have a WhatsApp account and Google Chrome on your desktop, that's now possible as the messaging service is now available on the Web.

WhatSim Card allows free, unlimited WhatsApp chat even with no WiFi

WhatsApp has got to be one of the more popular instant messaging apps on Android today. Millions of people not just in the United States but all over the world use WhatsApp. The number of users even went up after Facebook acquired the company early last year for $19 billion. Facebook said nothing would change for WhatsApp users but you know that the CEO promised calling features and privacy settings have been updated.

WhatsApp institutes ban on unofficial 3rd party clients

For something that is as private (and should be secure) as personal messaging, there are still some users that use unofficial 3rd party apps of their free messaging service of choice. Chances are, those apps probably don't use the official API of the real one, and might be subject to either viruses or security breaches. WhatsApp has now already started cracking down on those unofficial apps and in the process, punishing users that use them.

WhatsApp update now “respects” priority mode for Lollipop devices

One of the new things that Android users can expect from the Android 5.0 Lollipop update is a mode called Priority which filters those you've marked as important and gives you alerts even when you are basically on silent or do not disturb mode. But popular messenger WhatsApp seemed to not be applying that mode previously, but a new update to the app has made all things right.

Whatsapp voice calls coming soon

Voice calling on instant messaging apps is nothing new but the feature has yet to come to Whatsapp. We know that the company is working on it but no official release has been made by the developer yet. However, a few screenshots of what seems to be a new build of the Whatsapp app with voice calling have been spotted by Androidworld.nl.

WhatsApp now uses TextSecure code, end-to-end encryption guaranteed

We’re always on the lookout for the most secure messaging app. What with all the reports of hacking and security issues, people are clamoring for that one system that is safe, encrypted, and will allow fully protection and privacy. It seems impossible because anyone can get into something. Even the supposedly most secure network can be breached with minimal effort. WhatsApp is bringing a stronger encryption making the app even more secure compared to the messaging tools by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.
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