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Google Stadia is not as popular as originally intended by the search giant, maybe at least not yet, but some genius developer already managed to get TouchStadia working on Android. This isn’t an official Google project but redditor SmashShock shared his creation that now works with a regular Chrome browser. What’s better about this effort is that you don’t need to download and install another app. It only requires a web browser. The developer also meant for the TouchStadia settings to be changed by adding an options modifier.

This particular hack comes with an options modifier. It’s not perfect but the extension can still be fixed once the developer looked into the bugs and issues. If you encounter one, feel free to report them.

As described on Github, this TouchStadia is a Chrome Extension. It delivers an on-screen joystick control to the Google Stadia. Touchscreen devices will benefit from this.

Watch TouchStadia working on Android!

Google Stadia is also now available to work on non-Pixel phones. The ASUS ROG Phone 3 will have pre-loaded Google Stadia when it is released. It can be played on more Samsung and Razer phones. One thing they have in common is that they require a wired controller.

A wired controller is ironic because Stadia is supposed to be a game streaming service. The keyword is ‘streaming’ so it should be wireless. The developer who worked on this hack has enabled Stadia players on Android to use the ‘touch’ method. It’s supposed to be easier and more convenient instead of having to use a controller.

As long as an Android device has a touchscreen, it can be used for this setup. Sadly, Chrome on mobile doesn’t support those browser extensions for desktop. You can paste a Javascript code snippet in Chrome manually though for it to work.


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