Before we get too busy with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona more than a week from today,  we have another week to digest all the rumors, leaks, and early sightings of new smartphones. We know the MWC 2016 tech event will not just be about new mobile devices. We’re guessing some products will include a dash of virtual reality and some possibly a hint of smart home integration. Actually, we’re expecting to be surprised this year what with all the rapid developments in technology we’ve been hearing the past few weeks.

Another week has passed and despite the amount of attention we’ve given to those upcoming premium flagships (ehem..Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, etc.), we’ve tried a few new Android apps that we think can help improve our mobile lives and enhance productivity.

Check out our Top 5 Android Apps for the Week:

Promo Codes

Promo Codes app

Some of the best apps on the Play Store require a premium. While a lot of people may be okay to spend on apps they need, there are the stingy ones who won’t be willing to pay and instead wait for discounts and promo codes. The Promo Codes can be the answer as the app can give free apps each day. It’s not really giving away premium apps for free but just the “chance” to win a free premium Android app everyday. A few of the titles that can be won and downloaded include Nova Launcher, Franco Kernel Updater, Twee, Relay for reddit, Impressions, Focus, Shuttle, and Progression.

Download Promo Codes from the Google Play Store


StreetView VR

StreetView VR

You may not see the StreetView VR yet on the Play Store but this virtual reality app is a nice alternative to the official Google Street View app. The new app brings Street View content to the virtual realm. It’s only available for the Gear VR but an update adds Google Cardboard support although we have yet to try the app using a pair of Cardboard.

Download the StreetView VR APK



slash for android

Slash is a custom keyboard app that arrived only recently on the Play Store after being around for some time in the iOS App Store. This virtual keyboard supports a number of apps including Google, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Giphy, and Fourscare. That blue forward slash you see on the keyboard allows you to search for stuff on the other apps installed. Results are then showed on the screen without opening a browser or any other app.

Download Slash


Nike’s SNKRS app


The SNKRS app is perfect for all of you sneakerheads out there. Finally, the app is ready for Android. That means you can go on with your (window) shopping online through the app. Images load faster with the app so you can have more time to decide which pair you’re going buy. It’s like a one-stop-shop for any Nike lovers because you can read about each pair or collection. You can even create a feed of the sneaker collections you want to be updated about regularly. So go, download the app, and stop staring at that one pair. Buy it now. JUST.DO.IT.

Download SNKRS


Final Fantasy Portal App

Final Fantasy Portal App

This may be related to the famous Final Fantasy game from Square Enix but this standalone app lets you be updated with more Final Fantasy updates. The Final Fantasy 2 can be downloaded through the app for FREE. Yes, it serves as a “portal” to great new things about the Final Fantasy franchise. The offer is only available for a limited time–until February 14 only.

Download Final Fantasy Portal App