If you own a Samsung Gear VR and you’ve been within that your device would support Google Street View soon, we have some good news for you. Well, sort of. While the official app is still not coming, we have the second best thing: an unofficial third-party app that shows all the content from Street View. The confusingly named StreetView VR is now available for the Gear VR, bringing with it a whole load of 360 degree photos from Google’s database.

StreetView VR is in no way connected with Google, but it does utilize the latter’s Maps and Streetview features. So this means that anyone with a Gear VR and who has installed the app will be able to access the largest database of 360 degree photography. The app also has some other functions that will make it fun to use. For example, if you’re in a place that you’re not familiar with, you can activate a link to a Wikipedia article about it and so you can read all about it, provided of course that you trust Wikipedia.


If the people with you also have Gear VRs, you can share a session with them and you can talk with each other through the built-in voice chat. And if you’re searching for something, you can use either the voice search or the usual virtual keyboard. You can also save the locations you want to visit in the future by bookmarking them.


You can download StreetView VR but of course you’ll only be able to fully utilize it if you have a Samsung Gear VR or at least have access to one.


VIA: SAM Mobile