We haven’t heard recently from TiVo. The last one was last March when the version 3.0 of the app was released. It was a major overhaul but the Android app is now ready to receive another wave of update. TiVo developers just rolled out an update which includes support for download of recordings for all TiVo Roamio Plus/Pro and TiVo Stream users. A number of enhancements has been made as well to feeds and the process of re-ordering shows and movies.

As with all updates, a lot of bugs have been fixed especially those affecting owners of Lollipop-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab S. The ability to download recordings is new but it will greatly benefit avid fans of TiVo who also want to watch shows offline. Actually, it’s not really a new thing because iOS version users have been able to enjoy that feature for more than two years now.

Downloading isn’t as simple for some because  only the Roamio Pro and Plus users have the hardware built-in so no problem for them to convert movies and TV shows easily. Meanwhile, those who have Roamio OTA or Premiere box and Roamio Basic still need a TiVo Stream add-on. This development can be exciting because it means any TiVo user can enjoy copies of shows they want to watch online. No need to stream or connect to the Internet just to finish an episode because you can watch and start where you’ve left off.

Download TiVo from the Google Play Store

VIA: Engadget