Another day, another acquisition. Welcoming the new year with a bang, Bitspin, makers of the popular and beautiful alarm clock app Timely, announced that they are jumping on the Google company train. Hopefully that bit of good news, at least for the company, will remain so for its users in the long run as well.

With dozens, if not hundreds, of clock apps vying for your attention, or even your dollars, Timely’s popularity can be considered nothing short of a miracle. It’s not that hard to fall in love with the app though. Not only does it offer some unique features, such as syncing your alarms across your Android devices, it does so with a great design taste, making Timely such a pleasure to use. That hasn’t escaped Google’s notice. Not only has it been named as one of those few apps that follow Google’s design recommendations, it also made it to Google’s Beautiful Design Winter 2014 app collection.

It seems that getting noticed by Google does have its benefits from a business perspective. The Bitspin team is, naturally, only too happy to share news of its good fortune. The announcement is a bit plain and lacks details, but the developers are quite happy to note that they will be continuing to build great products. Perhaps this means we will get to see more apps in the same vein as Timely, which is always a good thing.

What this acquisition ultimately means for Timely users is still up for discussion. There is no doubt that Timely, which also offers the cloud syncing service on top of the app, will continue for sometime. Whether it continues to do so in the distant future, pardon the pun, only time will tell.