One of the new tenets for Android apps is design. Not only for aesthetics, design also helps with an apps usage. Matias Duarte and his team have done a great job in redesigning Google apps, and implementing design standards moving forward. A unified approach to design leads to easier utility, and a better enjoyment of apps.

The video below is one that hits on all points of design, as perceived by the Android team. Called Android Design In Action, the app highlights a few of their favorite apps in regard to design, as well as how and why those designs work. Interestingly, they highlight just how apps use their guidelines to make the app unique, which distances them from a dogmatic approach to design or utility.

A few Google apps are highlighted, including the new Newsstand app, which carefully combines Play Magazines, Currents, and traditional news offerings. There is also Foursquare, the popular check-in app, as well as Etsy, the virtual pop-up shop website app. We’re glad to see Timely involved as well, since it’s a favorite of ours here at Android Community.

We hope Android Developers take note, and use these guidelines moving forward. While Android is great for customization, app behavior is one we’d like to see reigned in a touch. We like individuality, but sometimes trying to figure out what an app is asking of you is a bit obnoxious. The video is a bit lengthy, but that really only speaks to the focus the team has.