With the multitude of apps available on Google Play Store, it is sometimes hard to pick out the best without trying them one by one, or at least without some convincing recommendations. Google is now trying to cast attention to some apps that may not answer to every need and want but are some of the most beautiful apps you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

The Beautiful Design Winter 2013 collection continues the tradition Google has started last summer with the first ever Beautiful Design catalog. The apps in this group not only meet the basic requirements of Android interaction and UI guidelines but also takes to heart Google’s design recommendations. This results in apps that exhibit beautiful presentation of content, meaningful layout, and delightful and intuitive gestures.

Eleven apps make the cut in this holiday collection, starting off with Timely. This clock app makes up for its minimalistic appearance with liquid smooth animations and an interaction model that feels almost natural. News readers might be a dime a plenty on Android, but Circa makes a name for itself for its judicious use of beautiful typography and banner image effects without slowing down the app’s performance. As an app that revolves around handmade products, it is only natural that Etsy should also exude a character of a well-crafted app with tasty screen transitions, subtle effects, and layouts that keep your eyes and mind always interested.

You can view the whole collection, which also includes Yahoo! Weather and Pinterest, from the Download link below. No discount is applied to these apps but that isn’t really necessary since almost all of the apps in the list are free.

Download: Beautiful Design Winter 2013 on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Google