Perhaps by now you’ve decided whether to take a chance with the BlackBerry KEYone. In our official review, we said the new Android smartphone is actually a decent mid-range. It’s more of an interesting and respectable throwback. We can’t really say it’s an attractive deal for its price tag but this is something avid fans of the brand will appreciate. We know the device has captured a niche and we don’t think BlackBerry will stop making Android phones anytime soon. In fact, the company recently announced new accessories for the KEYone.

For the BlackBerry KEYone owners, you can choose from among these three new accessories: Dual Layer Shell, Pocket, or the FlipCase. The first one is a phone case that boasts of dual layer shell for protection. Outside is a smoother layer while inside is a soft one that fits every corner of the device.

The Pocket is a device holder that features a built-in card slot for small items. Its genuine leather material feels soft and premium in your hand. You can continue talking on the phone even while the BlackBerry KEYone is inside the Pocket.

Last but not the least, is the FlipCase that boasts of a full and firm design for better protection. Like the Pocket, you can talk on the phone even with the accessory is closed.

SOURE: BlackBerry