LG’s latest flagship phablet, the LG V30 is more camera-centric than the smaller LG G6. That’s not to say that the G6’s camera is not competent, it’s just that the V30 highlights this feature more. And with the V30’s better camera comes a camera app that has more bells and whistles than the one in the LG G6. As per usual, the aftermarket development community comes to the rescue, porting the V30 camera app for LG G6 users.

This port comes to us care of XDA developer “xpirt” – the LG V30 camera app, with a lot of its features are now usable on the LG G6. The port makes sure that all stock G6 camera features are still usable, and adds all V30 camera modes – except Cine Mode, which relies on the V30’s particular camera sensor.

If you also like the Graphy features on the V30, those are available with the camera app, in combination with a tweaked app the developer has put up via his official XDA thread (source link below). The big caveat, as always, is that this port needs root access to work. So if you’ve rooted your LG G6 already, this camera post might be a great addition.

As always, make sure you back up your important data when attempting to gain root access and flashing 3rd party tweaks.