Pocket launches Beta Channel to bring you more relevant content

With the amount of posts, links, videos, images, etc that we come across every day and that we are thinking of consuming, sometimes what is left is what everybody else is talking about (which is not necessarily quality) or what is the latest thing that you saved/read/watched (which again is not always that great). Pocket, that neat little tool that you can get to save links for reading later, is launching a new Public Beta Channel, which can help you with that problem, among many other features.

Hidden Temple lets you explore the deepest of the jungle in virtual reality

There may be a few virtual games available but we're certain that more and more developers will soon enter the VR gaming arena. For now, let's focus our attention on those devs and gaming studios that have already worked hard to release mobile games that will allow a unique gaming experience to those who have their VR devices. If you have a Google Cardboard or a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, you are free to download and enjoy this new game called HIDDEN TEMPLE - VR ADVENTURE.

Spacecom will test your wits in this complex, starfleet command strategy game

First and foremost, don't be deceived by the seemingly simple gameplay of Spacecom because it's really not. This strategy game will challenge the ultimate strategist out of you in this starfleet command game. It requires you to make smart choices, movements, and even resort to deception to defeat the enemies and achieve victory. You need to focus, devise, and plan real-time tactics and try to learn from the military legends.

Facebook adds extra layers of protection with Security Checkup

With all the malware, viruses, and hackers going around, people are getting extra paranoid about the security of their digital devices, cloud hosting services, and even their social media accounts. Facebook is probably one of the most important accounts that you have that you don’t want anyone to hack (well, unless you’re actually not on Facebook) and so any news of extra protection for it is always welcome. The social media giant has actually added a new tool called Security Checkup that will make it easier for you to access these controls. app being prepped for Android Auto

Support for Android Auto is finally coming from This means you can finally read more books...errr, hear more audiobooks while in the car that has Android Auto connectivity. The in-car dashboard platform is slowly getting a lot of support, being integrated and installed in more cars. The list of vehicles is getting longer but expect more to be added so you can have more choices of what new car to buy--that is, if you are planning to get one.

Kaboom app makes your photos and messages online vanish

Sharing photos, statuses, and messages online is easy nowadays. Doing so has actually become part of our everyday lives that whether you admit or not, you post something in any of your social media accounts anything about your life or anything that just happened. I don't know how often you share and to what extent but I hope your friends don't think it's TMI.

Challenge your brain and fingers with Shibuya Grandmaster 

There are games that when you first see and play them, you instinctively know how to play them, either because the mechanics are so familiar, or there are tons of other games like it in the market. And then every once in a while, you come across one that is unique, easy to play but difficult to master, and your brain and fingers just itch to accept the challenge. Shibuya Grandmaster may be one of those games and the arcade puzzler is now available on your Android devices.

Get your stardust back with DOT Space Hero, now on Android

You do not get between a boy and his stardust. That is the lesson that the enemies will eventually understand in this side-scrolling game called DOT Space Hero, now available on Android devices. While the controls and gameplay for this may not be that perfect, what it lacks there is more than made up by the beautiful graphics and children’s story book charm that exudes from this game. Still, the flaws doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a fun game to play, especially if you like the classic side scrollers.

Save Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf in A Day in the Woods

We’ve seen a lot of versions of the story of the girl wearing a red hood trying to escape from a wolf intent on gobbling her up, from fairy tales to movies to musicals to graphic novels, and even to a few guestings on TV series. We’ve also seen a few mobile games around, but A Day in the Woods may be the least scary but most stylish and most interesting, if you’re into puzzle games and things like that.
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