Do Button now available for Android Wear smartwatches

In an age where we want everything to happen instantly and for tasks to be done with the push of a button, it’s not surprising that IFTTT (If this then that, for the uninitiated) has been thriving and has even come up with several new apps over the past months like the Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note for Android smartphones. The latest update is that the Do Button is now also available for Android Wear smartwatches.

Go against the Roman empire in Gallia Rise of Clans

Games that have clans and clash in their names seem to be the in thing for most mobile gamers. But if you want your games with a little bit of history on the side, then you might want to get this newest game available for Android smartphones and tablets. Gallia Rise of Clans is loosely based on the Gallic Wars where the Gauls fought for freedom against the Roman Empire that was trying to take over the world.

KingsRoad, a Diablo-like multiplayer RPG to waste your time on

There are some games that are perfect for the mobile platform, and some games that struggle on it. Games that succeed on mobile tend to be the ones that are natural, and require very little thinking on your part. Rumble Entertainment’s “KingsRoad” certainly requires very little thinking on your end, even if it is advertised as an RPG. Maybe you want some mindless hack ‘n slash action, and if so, this game is for you.

Edjing 5 DJ app made more efficient, intuitive, faster, and easier to share

Back in April, edjing PRO app promised to make us better DJs. I'm not sure what happened to some disc jockey hopefuls but I know I did't improve and become one. I'm still positive that someday I'd learn so I'd like to try the edjing 5  app (DJ Music Mixer Studio) this time. Maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to create cool remixes and learn how to control those vinyl turntables even only on the touchsreen.

HERE beta adds long-press contextual menu, intermediate stops display

Navigation app HERE seems to be updating their app almost every week for the past months. Today, the new features they’re adding are courtesy of the testing and feedback from the users of the beta for Android version of the app formerly owned by Nokia. HERE users will be able to enjoy long-press contextual menu and the display of intermediate stops in the transit routes, both to help you navigate around your city or a strange city more easily.

Instagram gets more ‘direct’ features, threaded messages and sharing

In 2013, the Instagram app got private messaging in the form of the “Direct” feature. To give ample flourish to an already eventful past few weeks for the ubiquitous photo sharing app – a period of time where the Instagram team threw out the iconic “square only” requirement for photos and accepted landscape and full portrait images – we get more subtle features that make private messaging on the app much more meaningful. These features include threaded messages, group messages, and sending pictures from your feed directly to private messaging.

LinkedIn updates messaging features, conversations made more powerful

I'm not really sure if people still use LinkedIn but apparently there are, some people in the hiring industry depend on the social network to look for new employees and connect with professionals. There are people on LinkedIn who take their accounts seriously too, in the hopes of landing a better-paying job or finding out to who among their peers are available. It's one social platform that's been used by millions but with features still limited. Sure, there is the blog section but messaging is not as easy and convenient on the platform.

Line Launcher lets you customize your Android smartphones even more

If LINE is your free message and call app of choice and you enjoy all their stickers and characters and bonus materials, then we’ve finally found the Android launcher for you. And of course, it comes from LINE themselves. The company has announced the release of their LINE Launcher, which brings you various customization and personalization options so that your home screens can be both decorative and purposeful. And it will even give you all those LINE characters that you always wished could be more visible on your screen.

KinoConsole streams games from your PC to your Android device

Streaming games from your PC or console to your Android device used to be the realm of the Sony Xperia Z3 (from your PlayStation 4), or an NVIDIA-powered PC to a robust Android device. Fortunatey, developers are taking advantage of faster network connections at home to give you apps like KinoConsole – which now allows you to stream your PC games to your Adnroid device, after a fashion.

ADV Screen Recorder lets you save screencasts sans rooting and crashing

Who knew that we'd reached that time and age that whatever you see on your mobile screen can be recorded for future use and reference? It's not really a new and hard thing to do but there is certainly an easier way to do it on your Android device. Most of the related screen recorder apps we know require some rooting but this ADV Screen Recorder is Google-approved so you can fully enjoy the app with no restrictions at all.
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