LTE uses a lot of juice – there’s just no way around that at present. So it’s always nice to see a manufacturer embrace that truth and offer a first-party battery for reliable and worry-free extended use. That said – wow. The extended battery for the brand-new HTC Rezound is gigantic. HTCpedia got their hands on one and took the following photo, next to the standard battery:

The extended battery has a 2750 mAh capacity, compared to the included battery’s 1620 mAh. In the Android Community HTC Rezound review,  a torture test of Netflix over Verizon’t LTE network had the Rezound lasting a mere five hours. More typical usage still had the Rezound gasping after just ten hours, with the LTE radio enabled. Based on that, the extended battery should be able to last for an addition 6-8 hours without recharging.

To accommodate the extra junk in the trunk, the battery comes with a replacement cover, molded with a gentle bump added to the back of the phone. Calipers weren’t handy, but it looks like the battery cover adds another 5-6 millimeters to the Rezound’s 13.7mm thickness. The battery is available for $59.99 at various retail locations if you’re so inclined – be sure to check out our HTC Rezound review if you’re still on the fence about the phone itself. And by the way, still no word on that inductive charging version that made it to the FCC.

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  1. If only a fool would buy this, then I suppose there will be quite a few “fools” walking around whose phones still work at the end of the day. Besides, this should be no thicker than my original HTC G1, which is fine.

  2. The extended battery is a lot less intrusive on this phone than it was the thunderbolt….

    Smaller isn’t better.  Every one of my razr friends who have dinged up phones now can tell you that.   

  3. I got the extended battery and it makes the rezound last MUCH longer.  It really doesnt add that much bulk to it.  Still feels and fits great in a pocket.  i recommend this.  the original battery i had to charge it every night and it sometimes would not last the whole day.  With this it lasts nearly 2 days which is a lot better for me.

  4. Finally, some sensible comments. I mean come on man what is happening to us? We have become so frickin’ snobby with this cell phone thickness thing. Tell you what, before you think of complaining about the extra thickness of this phone with the extended battery (which still keeps it less than an inch thick), think about the fact that you’re carrying around a portable electronic device that has the computing power of a early 2000’s desktop computer, top notch sound quality (albeit with the Beats Headphones), and a 8mp camera to boot! Why don’t you thickness complainers go gather up a 2001 desktop computer, 8mp point-and-shoot camera, and a small equalizer and see how easy it is to carry that around for a day. Frickin’ technology has gone crazy these days and all I ever hear is nags and complaints about the thickness and the speed and the poor picture quality and the lack of this or that. I wish people would start taking this technology for what it is and be thankful THAT IT IS! Sorry about the soap box moment but it just irritates me.

    • And don’t forget, LTE speeds as well.  I personally would not have ever dreamed of such power and speeds in the palm of my hand back in ’86 with my 300 baud C64.

    • I bought the rezound last week and never looked back. Verizon 4g LTE is incredible and the phone itself is probably the best I’ve seen so far. Haven’t had any problem which is great and customer service was great. Keep up the great work Verizon 🙂

  5. Just got mine and other than the issue of limitations on the available cases, it really isn’t bad size or weight wise (I had been carrying an OG droid which was no lightweight).  One thing I did notice is that the cover on the extended battery does not have as much antenna area as the original, all the contact points are the same, just seems to be missing two long areas on the left and right side.  Whether that will affect reception (which has been excellent) remains to be seen.

  6. I got a Rezound last Thursday and got the extended battery from Verizon (it was on sale for $20 off)… very glad I did.  I’ve used it non-stop for a couple of days getting my apps setup, tweeting, etc… and it lasts over 16 hours easily.  Very happy with the phone and the extended battery.  The extra thickness is not an issue.

  7. This is one phone i want to purchased but…. since battery life is so dissapointing i cant stand it that way. now… they developed a a battery that can support it. nice one but….why is it so ugly?? im not an engineer but please fix the cover like razr maxx did. they just did only slightly curve on the design and viola beautiful as the original razr. i know you can do it and can i ask will this phone use in the philippines? for internet use ? i think our telecommunication is more like +HSPDA and Edge will it work that makers me wonder….

  8. The HTC Rezound is by far the best dvc I have owned as a cell phone. I also work directly with people everyday and fix whatever issues they have with their dvc’s or bills, or anything else they need when dealing with a cellular phone everyday at least 50 times a day over the phone for 8 hrs and in 3 months have only had a couple calls about Rezound issues. So truthfully this is the best least problematic phone to this day in my opinion. However I got the extended battery thinking it would be worth the extra size and weight. It is not. My standard battery after 9 hrs is down to 30-40% and the extended for the same amount of time and usage is left with about 40-45%. The extra hour or two usage time I am getting is not worth the weight and size added. I also exchanged the battery thinking I got a faulty one, no change.


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