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‘Clandestine: Anomaly’ is an augmented reality tower defense game

Tower defense games as a genre has but all been played out on the mobile platform. Blame it on the perfect union of a touch screen device and a game well-suited and paced for said platform. So believe us when we say we might have seen TD games in all of its possible incarnations – save possibly this new one. “Clandestine: Anomaly” attempts to mix augmented reality (AR) gameplay with standard tower defense mechanics.

Merge Labs intros VR Goggles and Motion Controller, get ready for more VR gaming

Virtual reality may still be far from being consumed by the masses but there is certainly a market for it. Well, it is still small since only geeks and a few early adopters are willing to shell out huge amount of money for a VR gear. Both the Saamsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift are still expensive. Google has introduced a cheaper alternative in the form of the Google Cardboard but it still hasn't picked up. MergeVR hopes to enter the game and finally make a mark in the industry by announcing the MergeVR Goggles and the VR Motion Controller.

Impression PI is the fashionable VR headset

It was bound to happen. With the boom on VR-slash-AR (virtual/augmented reality) headsets still going on, somebody was bound to think, “Well, let’s make one that looks good on you.” This is the Impression PI project, up on Kickstarter and has taken in more than twice its funding target already. The project has made sure it’s less bulky than other VR headsets out there, so it has that going for them. Let’s take a look.

Niantic Labs’ Ingress game to be turned by Google into a TV show

Well, moving to TV certainly seems like one of the options available for Google right now to make more money off the hit AR (augmented reality) game Ingress. The game was created by the mothership’s gaming studio, Niantic Labs, and has been one of the real hits that brought AR gaming into the public spotlight. The question is, how do you package the game for TV?

CMOAR Virtual Reality headset launches on Kickstarter

And on we go with the virtual reality (VR) bandwagon, with moar and moar (sorry, couldn’t help it) outfits jumping on and giving the world what it thinks should be the best VR headset. CMOAR (“see more”, geddit?) just got their VR headset accepted at Kickstarter and at time of writing, it’s fully crowd-funded. Let’s see what they got.

Niantic gears up for bigger AR game in Endgame: Proving Grounds

Google’s Niantic is upping the stakes in alternate reality (AR) gaming with a new part of its Endgame series coming out. “Endgame: Proving Grounds” will be based on the same basic AR concepts, game players going to real-world places to get items and finish objectives that have consequences within the game. But the stakes are higher, and Niantic is determined to make AR a big thing in gaming, as opposed to the niche market that it is right now. is an upcoming augmented reality shooting game

Augmented reality (AR) is getting a big kick in the gaming backside with new developer Proxy42 planning an AR first person shooting game called “”. The idea of AR is to blend real-life environments into virtual applications – in this case, virtual gaming situations. The idea is not at all new, but it hasn’t lost its novel appeal.
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