Uh oh, don’t shoot the messenger here guys. The hugely popular game for iOS Temple Run is coming to Android. Only problem is the fact that it’s not available yet. With over 36 million downloads on iOS and being the #18 free app of all times it surely will be a huge success for Android. After I first mentioned it back in January Android users have been dying to get it on Android, sadly it looks like things are taking longer than expected.

We originally heard February 9th was the official release date for Android, although that was never confirmed and ended up never happening. Now after I’ve been following the developers and our friends at @Imangi Studios we have some bad news. Not only is the development taking longer than expected but those other “rumors” for February 24th aren’t looking so hot either. When someone asked about the 24th here was the reply:

While the developers are active over on Twitter it looks like the official announcement will be dropped on their Facebook page once they have a confirmed date. Most likely it will also be posted on Twitter and I’ll be sure to update as soon as possible with the good news too, so stay tuned.

You can also follow @TempleRun on Twitter because they’ve been keeping up with fans and letting Android users know the wait will be worth it — if we just hang in there. With February almost coming to and end (even though it’s a leap year) it looks like that February launch might not happen. Hopefully Imangi will announce something in the next few days and release this amazing game for everyone on Android.


  1. Shit developers, cant get it out when they said they would. screw you. Download Run Freddie while you are waiting from app market, its better than temple run and similar.

  2. Shit developers, cant get it out when they said they would. screw you. Download Run Freddie while you are waiting from app market, its better than temple run and similar.

    • Why are you calling them idiots if they are doing this for us?
      They don’t even have to do this anyway!
      People like you drive away the devs…
      No appreciation whatsoever, just fucking off would be the best choice.

  3. Is it really that hard to put the game on the android? Like if its already on the iphone why cant u just put it on the android? Its not like your creating the game all over again….

    • They need to be able to make it for more then one phone. Because it’ll be crap if it only works for one phone theyre doing it for other phones on.android too.+ they need to rewrite code so it’ll wok for android

    • Actually.. It’s exactly like that, it’s not as simple as just using the same code from the apple version and putting it on to the Android.. It needs to be totally reprogrammed and moulded to fit many different devices! JUST WAIT

  4. Would it fucking matter if the game gets old. If you like the game you like the fucking game. & the game is not going to be forgotten if you bitch & complain about it every damn day. At least its coming to android. Just stfu & wait (:

    • How about you “STFU” its not a bad thing to get impatient and your just adding fuel to the fire by leaving comments like this.. And you know what if you didnt click on this article you would have to tell anybody to “STFU” cause you would not have seen this… YOURYOUROWNWORSTENEMY

  5. this is getting annoying. I mean we waited over a month. yes we understand you guys are working hard but damn yall keep changing the dates and thats what is pissing us off.

  6. Okay so we have been waiting. All i gotta say is that when it does come out on Android, it better be free because we have waited awhile.

  7. All I want is to play temple run ive been wating since january 12 I wabt this app so bad can you guys just.hurry up a little and cut it back to the 22nd

  8. People, shut up about them having to delay it. They can’t just copy and paste the code. They have to rewrite it to work for several phones and devices. I would have liked them to have released it in February as well, but I don’t wanna play the game if it is buggy and glitchy as shit.

  9. is temple run only for geluxy or for nexus s too??
    fuck tht game tht game pissed me of i waited alot, i dont know when this game gona relase in andriod..

  10. bruh i had a temple run countdown and i was so excited until i found out that its not released yet…im getting real mad…fuck yall rns

  11. Can i know when is the released date?i hope its going to be released 23,24,25 to 30..if not i waste my fking time waiting for this game to released.

  12. I’ve Been Waiting Patiently For The Count Down To Be Over So That I Can Download The Fucking Game, The Countdown Is Over And You All’s Asses Still Have Yet To Release It… GET IT THE FUCK TOGETHER.

  13. This fucking game were all waiting here for it uve people have taking long enoiugh cuz u never for as long u people are taking temple run may not be as big of hit now for as long as ur making us wait hurry the f’ up god

  14. Wow. I can’t wait for Temple Run, but judging from a majority of these posts you guys need Grammar Run. I swear I don’t think even the people who wrote some of the posts could decipher their own message! While waiting for the game how about you read a book? Just a thought.

    • “who wrote some of the posts could” is not a properly constructed sentence. If you’re going to go all “English teacher” on these guys, at least proofread your own comments.

  15. I am beyond excited for the release of this for Android. I’ve had to get by only playing it on friends i-Pads when I’ve been at their houses. So addictive!

    • Only if you gargle my juicy scrotum you cunt. Just because Android users didn’t conform like little bitches just to have a crust ass apple on the back of all our shit. Go jump off a cliff. Also why the FUCK are you on Androidcommunity.com if you have an iPhone. Back the fuck up you dick mongrel before I end you. 

      • U need to stfu because u ain’t doin no in but speaking ur lil comment and u need to let others speak there ! bitch:-) bitch:-) bitch

  16. Hopefully it will be just as they said that it’ll be worth the wait, god I hope so, cause as soon as it hits the android market i’m downloading it, until then i’ll be playing words with friends.

  17. For fucks sake dont put a release date out unless it’s fucking true. So pissed off that they keep sayin different dates and not one has been true

  18. why don’t they just send people with android phones a message from what ever sever like At&t Verizon ect. that temple run is on the android market

  19. WELL PLEASE HURRY UP!!!!!!!!
    Its not fair i have to watch my friends play and laugh in my face about not haveing temple run yet!!

  20. Yeah,can you please hry up on the date cause i wat to download it its not fare my sister plays it on her i pod and never lets me play on it can you atleast give us a date that you think when we can download it on our android?!

  21. How hard can it be to switch the software the game runs on? I dont understand it? I switched my xbox software to play ps3 games in under 5days… You guys have been taking forever! Hurry up!

  22. DON’T know why android users are always get the cool apps late than iTunes users.This is so annoying coz cool apps always available on iTunes first and andoid user like me hav to fuckin complaining about it to the app developer. Why dont they just create apps that compatibles for both devices and release them as the same time.

    • i want temple run too, but u gota understand that there are hundreds of Androids and only 2 apple phones, making it a lot harder to make a game that runs well

  23. So in other words I have to get an iPhone to play temple run….Why don’t u buy the android users an iphone since ur late with all the games or better pay there disconnection fee so we can buy n iPhone????Guessing all that thinking ain’t working so much!!!!

  24. The apple apps store has waaaay better games and camera apps! seriously I have such crap games available on my Samsung Galaxy S

    • did u read the top!! it said that imangi will be posting on facebook when temple run will be released for droid, the only people u should believe about its release is imangi!!!! not some app u found

  25. Lets get one thing straight. Every “official” release date so far has been a rumorand Imangi studios hasn’t promised anything except for a release. They said they would post the release date officially on Facebook so visit their page instead of believing some random person on the internet. I want the game to come out just as much as everyone else but im also pissed off at the people who keep saying things like “its just a game get the fuck over it”. Why don’t you people shut the fuck up obviously android users are impatient as we wait for a release that should’ve happened when temple run got 10million downloads. Nevertheless, your on this forum trying to discover the release date just like everyone else so quit bitching at other people to stop complaining. You guys are all nagging pussies if you can keep your head cool while you wait good for you if not that’s fine too. If anything, impatient fans create more of a noticeable desire for temple run and may even shorten our wait unlike you fucks who act like you don’t care if it ever releases. Fuck apple


  27. i licked imangis ceos mom last night and it sounded like she said it would be released today but i couldnt understand her with my di** in her mouth


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