Uh oh, don’t shoot the messenger here guys. The hugely popular game for iOS Temple Run is coming to Android. Only problem is the fact that it’s not available yet. With over 36 million downloads on iOS and being the #18 free app of all times it surely will be a huge success for Android. After I first mentioned it back in January Android users have been dying to get it on Android, sadly it looks like things are taking longer than expected.

We originally heard February 9th was the official release date for Android, although that was never confirmed and ended up never happening. Now after I’ve been following the developers and our friends at @Imangi Studios we have some bad news. Not only is the development taking longer than expected but those other “rumors” for February 24th aren’t looking so hot either. When someone asked about the 24th here was the reply:

While the developers are active over on Twitter it looks like the official announcement will be dropped on their Facebook page once they have a confirmed date. Most likely it will also be posted on Twitter and I’ll be sure to update as soon as possible with the good news too, so stay tuned.

You can also follow @TempleRun on Twitter because they’ve been keeping up with fans and letting Android users know the wait will be worth it — if we just hang in there. With February almost coming to and end (even though it’s a leap year) it looks like that February launch might not happen. Hopefully Imangi will announce something in the next few days and release this amazing game for everyone on Android.