The wildly popular and extremely fun game Temple Run for iOS is coming to Android, just like we told you last month. After a huge response from readers hoping for the game we have some bad news. Sadly after numerous rumors claimed February 9th was the official launch date we can now confirm that this hugely successful game is still coming soon, but not tomorrow.

After reaching out to Imangi Studios regarding the Android version, and checking progress over on their Facebook page we have learned that the release date was never announced and was never official on February 9th. Instead, progress is moving along quickly and they’ll be announcing a release date soon once it’s ready. According to numerous tweets we should still expect Temple Run for Android within this month, but as usual nothing is confirmed.

So there you have it folks. For everyone wondering, no it will not be released tomorrow, but hopefully before the end of the month we’ll have an update or even better — a release. This will be their first Android release and they want to get it right. I’ll be sure and follow progress for this game and will report back once we hear anything more. Be sure to stay tuned right here at Android Community for a full review once the game becomes available.


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  1. its all over internet it was 9th of feb, thanks for letting us know instead of checking android market every two minutes, cant wait for this game to come on android played it so many times on my sisters iphone 🙂 addictive game!:D

  2. come on iv been playin on my sisters phone for a while and shes getin annoyed and as soon as it comes out they should just send a email to everybody or share it on the home page of google and also on twitter or facebook!

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  4. Aww man !!!! I was so excited because feb 9th is my birthday and that would’ve been the best birthday present ever :(:(:( im still checking everyday for it

  5. Fuck and I was excited for this game coming out tmrw next thing you know no one is going to download it because of all this waiting

  6. OMFG i hate you android i have a lg thrill 3d and i was excited cause of my big screen!! i hate you. i hope you die in a black hole with your mom

  7. Wow, each comment (or commenter) below is more pathetic than the next. I think you should all threaten suicide unless they release the game immediately. I mean, after all, how could you possibly go on living unless you have this game instantly? Just pathetic.

  8. I don’t think Temple Run is going to make it for February. It’s almost mid February and they still have no clue what day they will release this month. That just screams bugs, bad marketing and bad management.

  9. What the shit.. all my friends with an iPhone have this fcking game and I was all excited that I could join all the cool kids but now I cant download it tomorrow and brag about it.. FML

    • seriously, somehow having a single game on your phone makes you a cool kid? im not gunna comment about being a cool kid because i play games on my gaming pc but as much as a gamer that i am, its one f-ing game…

  10. Watch when it comes out no1 will be interested. But like why can’t thinks that with eventually come out on android that’s on iPhone just come out at the same time android is always having a big rely on shit its unfair some people like me can’t afford an iPhone/iPod.

  11. This sux that temple run won’t be released as planned, but it is no big deal. It is funny to me how so many people are getting pissed off for a game.Really people? Quit your bitching and let the android market and Imangi Studios fix this. If they say it will be released soon, then the game will come soon. Simple as that.

  12. Mmaannn..fuck yall developers. Eat a dick. It needs to come out soon before everyone gets an iphone or ipod touch…ddumfucks..

  13. Well hello to you ignorant people. It’s not that easy to develop and program an application. Yeah I’m exited too but come on people you’re pissed? Why don’t you try developing an application yourself and see how long does it take you too even the simplest one!

  14. You guys make it to where noone even wants to get it anymore. Holy shit… we’ve been waiting. I was pretty excited this morning assholes! I doubt it will be out in Feb. now… thanks alot. dumbasses

  15. Why dont you all go to church and find better things to do then raise hell about a game that doesnt affect your life in any way shape or form. It’s rediculous that you are so upset about it.

  16. Dont Worry This Is Going Good I am A Android Gaming Member And i Have Heard A news That it Might release On 21st not fully sure but yes it is possible all the friends i will try my best to make the game and launch it next week

  17. Haha I don’t even care if it comes out its just fun to see everyone’s comments. It is clearly just a game lol find another game to waste ur time until it comes out haha!

  18. Is everybody commenting here twelve years old or something?

    1st: why are you complaining that yoi have to wait a bit longer for a game that will be FREE? Thats like complaining that someone said they’re going to give you a gift soon.

    2nd: why does everyone on this website type like they are a little kid?

  19. @twitter-316850437:disqus Really? Ditching Android for a stupid app which will last a few weeks at the most?
    Have fun with your restrictive OS and your soon to be worthless app store. Just don’t come crying if that greedy corporation sucks all your money away whilst your sucking on it’s dick.

  20. Is the world the gonna end because there’s no Temple Run for Android? No it’s not. It’s gonna end because the aliens are coming. People, you have better things to worry about than some game.

  21. Fuck you android!! false advertisment dicks, having all the people counting down the days waiting for this game.. you guys fail at keeping us happy

  22. WTF?  I’m going to hold my breath until I pass out and die (or they release the game on android…whichever comes sooner.)  *Stomps feet like a two-year-old*  I NEVER GET ANYTHING I WANT — WHEN I WANT IT.  WAAAAAAAAAAA!

    • That was uncalled for!This is AMERICA dont even try to compare 9/11 to this app that’s free. and do you know what isn’t free…… the lives that died in 9/11.Our soldiers finally found osama bin ladin (who was responsible for it) so im sure you can wait a couple more days and you are selfish for even thinking about comparing the two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      P.S. and if you hate this country so much why dont you move somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      P.S. P.S. now why dont you stop hating on America and go do something else Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the sarcasm this morning?
        Also… 9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11  9/11 

  23. All of you are pathetic. If you’re going to kill yourself over a phon app than you might as well. They need to update it so it can be perfect so stop bitching and just be pataint you idiots.

    •  Yea I spoke with the developers.. They never said it would be here today, that was a rumor. They did however say they are still actively working on the application for Android and will announce a date when they feel it is ready. It is their first Android application and want to get it right. Not have a bunch of one star replies with angry people

  24. How friggin hard is it to just put it on the market?! I dont see it messing up on apple or anything so why is android taking so long to release it!! Andoiders like myself have waited for the release of temple run but we keep getting disappointed. Honestly…. I dont know what the wait is for. Seriously

  25. Oh Everyone Shut The Fuck Up . They Want To Make The App Good For Everyone To Play . So Stop Y’all Fucking Bitching And Be Damn Patient . Y’all waited for this day for a while , so y’all can wait for a few more . 

  26. They have 2 make sure everything is right with it first its not as easy as it sounds. But I know it is comming out in feburary

  27. could use all fucking wait im excited as much as use are. this is their first app with android market so wait they fucking want it to be perfect.

  28. My 7yo son didn’t even cry like you guys are. You know what he said? “guess ill just have to wait”. A 7yo is more mature then the majority of you. Get out of the house…it is good for you.

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    • I tried signing up. I’m a whole sister, so it didn’t work. Amelia, do you think there is that will let me do this? A Nigerian man asked me to help save some unicorns dying from an oil spill,so I can use this money. I already gave him full access to my credit cards and bank account, so I’m pretty much broke.

  30. Wow everyone can be so stupid . Its a app they have to remodify it for andriods. And their are so many different type of phones they have to work on the bugs . Wow im only 16 and I know that all you stupid people are wining about a damn app that is just a game . So grow the hell up. Seriosly.

    • You are 16 years old? That’s just sad. Your grammar and spelling is just HORRIBLE.

      [[“Wow. Everyone can be so stupid. It’s an app. They have to modify it for androids. And there are so many different types of phones. They have to work on the bugs. Wow. I’m only 16 [This part did not make any sense so I re-phrased it]. I think you guys are all stupid, whining about a damn app. It’s just a game. Grow the hell up.”]]Kid, go back to Elementary and work on your basics before you decide to talk crap on people.

    • This 16 year old has a malfunctioning brain. You can’t spell if your life depended on it. Don’t comment if people can’t understand what you’re typing. Don’t click/comment on this page if your not a fan! Reading that horribly written paragraph makes me fear for our future generations.

    •  “Im only 16 and I know all that” No, It’s not called remodify, it’s called porting, don’t call other people stupid if you don’t know what it is your self.

  31.  I feel dumb for just sitting here and reading the comments of these no lifers, the game is not that fun. I understand it’s nice to have but dang.

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  33. People we know they want it to be perfect so just shutup about that. And also were just waiting for he game to come out,so stop trying to be all slick

  34. can’t wait to have this on my android.. 🙂 .. please work on it faster! there is a temple run tournament going on in some of my office mates, I want to join!!! ^-^

    • Haven’t we all. It’s a hack it’s asking me to download the latest games and better updates and putting Widgets automatically on both my galaxy and Acer tab? Delete it now because it looks dodgy:(!

  35. You guys are really getting an I phone just for a game?Wow that’s sad I understand about getting annoyed a little, but just changing your phone over a game? Please grow up.

  36. Lot of things to say here. I have heard it is supposed to come out the twenty first. Okay shouldn’t you guys be greaful that is coming out. Android are trying to be as nice as they can. It honestly is not the end of the world. Me and my brother are excited about it but we aren’t being rude about it. Come on just get along and be patient. It is a game where you slide your finger up, down, lef, and right. Best greatful you have a phone and don’t best meant to people. Mature.. My faborite word! Haha (;
    Cudo to you people who are excited and patient. Good job. Well Imma go eat steak now. Mommas a good cook!! Just so you know.. I’m twelve.

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  39. Seriously? Its a freaking game. Of the hundreds of thousands of game that are currently in the market, people throw a fit over this one? Thats just sad.

  40. temple run will be ut soon in bout five days from FEBRUARY 16 i know this from temple run fan app on android market download it then it will make you share its post on facebook
    and youll have a countdown clock that shows the realease date will be FEB 21/2012

  41. If someone wants to change their phone over a game I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with growing up u ppl r stupid its their money why is it any of yur concern. if they wanna buy a new phone to wipe their ass with it ohhhh well its their money that I’m pretty sure they worked for not yu dumbasses

  42. I can’t wait for it! But I will wait because I would rather have. A bug free version than a game so messed up that I can’t play it. I will just play it on my ipod until it comes out. Works just as well and I don’t have to switch to an iphone 🙂

  43. Guys…..chill out. It’s just a game. I’ll wait as long as they take because my life doesn’t revolve around Temple Run and because I couldn’t do what they’re doing any faster than they can. So chill out.

  44. come on imagni studios, after playing on my sons iphone i’m getting colde turkey for temple run…why are you guys taking the pi$$! when will you release for andriod, or are your development team struggling to re-code? get it f***ing sorted!

  45. when it’s about to be released on android temple run won’t be the ‘in’ game. so please developers, make games as fun as this on android platform before the ios. so they’ll their own share of waiting.

  46. Android Sucks…….I have android n i hate it cuz they dont have any good app….i m about to change android to iphone………


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