We’ve told anyone who’ll listen that Tasker is (still) one of the best things to happen to Android. Tasker is an app that will let you play around and set up automation on your Android device like no other. You can read up on our lengthy descriptions and tutorials on what best to do with Tasker. It takes a while to learn, and some considerable effort must be given, but if you are into automation then this is worth it. You can even create a Google Assistant replacement with the AutoVoice plug-in if you want.

AutoVoice is one of Tasker’s more robust plug-ins, and it does take a while for you to set it up just the way you want. And with AutoVoice now integrated with Google Assistant, one of first things you can create are some custom responses for various phrases that are used when interacting with Google Assistant. Check out the video below for more info.

You can create a custom digital assistant with AutoVoice, and have it respond to a common voice command such as “Good Morning.” Progressively, you can make advanced commands and have AutoVoice and Tasker perform a custom set of automated tasks after you say “Good Morning” to your virtual assistant. The tasks can be anything that your smartphone can do.

This new update will bring AutoVoice to version 3.5, and it allows you to completely replace Google Assistant from the Settings area where you select your default applications. Instead of having Google Assistant set as your default assistant app, simply choose AutoVoice and it will handle all of your voice commands from then on.

SOURCE: Joao Dias