We’ve covered Tasker quite a lot here – we’ve told you what it is and basically wrote down what you can do with it, root or no root. It’s quite possibly the greatest automation app on Android ever made. If you were flip-flopping on whether to get Tasker because it was a paid app, that indecision ends today – the app is now available at a heavily discounted price, and you just can’t beat this deal.

For what Tasker allows you to do, the discounted price of just USD$0.90 (from USD$3.50) is a no brainer. If you have older phones that need a breath of fresh air with regards to what features you can automate and string together, Tasker is just what the doctor will order for your older phones.

If you don’t know what Tasker is, check out our recent descriptive piece about it to start you out, although more reading will be required for you to learn what it does. We’ve point out some great tricks you can do with it here, and more great things if you use Tasker on a rooted device.

So if you’re wondering whether you should get Tasker, the 90-cent price will surely clinch your decision. It’s time to get it and start automating your Android-based tasks.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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