Many of us were skeptical at first, but there’s no doubt tablets have revolutionized the way we run our daily lives – that is, if you have one. It’s estimated the tablet market will group from 72.7 million units to 383.3 by 2017. But what does this mean for the average consumer? That tablets are right on there way to hitting the “sweet-spot” price point that we’ve been waiting for.

After all, the economy isn’t doing quite as good as we would like – thus shipments would certainly increase if prices decline. That’s what we’ve seen in countless tablets as of late: Kindle Fire, NOOK Color, and about a hundred other small-named brands have reduced the price by hundreds. But could it go lower? How about $100?

We saw what happened when the HP TouchPad ‘Firesale’ commenced last year. It was utter chaos for any company with them in stock. Another reason tablets will soar is their ability to replace laptops for the light computer user. Some just want to hop online to make online purchases, and you don’t need a laptop for that.

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