T-Mobile USA loves their project names, don’t they? Just as much Project Dark was a big mystery a few months back, now feast your eyes on what’s being whispered around now: Project Emerald. There’s a big, if not completely monstrous question mark floating above this report, because at the moment there’s no one that can give us any additional information about whatever this may be. Of course, people exist, but they certainly aren’t talking to us.

The million dollar question at the moment, for obvious reasons, is “What is Project Emerald?” It’s a good question. And one that we wish we had the answer to right now. After all, Tmo News has been getting a lot of whispers about the project being orchestrated for a large handset launch. What’s large enough to warrant this kind of attention? They seem to think it’s the HTC Desire. That could be true. It’s one of the handsets that’s been rumored to be heading over to Magenta, anyway.

It also makes sense, considering Verizon Wireless has just launched the Droid Incredible by HTC, which is basically the same handset, with a few tweaks here and there. So, is T-Mobile trying to get their hands on a comparable device? One that they can actually sell in their own stores? Or is this some kind of device that no one expects? Maybe the Motorola A955, even. As soon as we know more, we’ll pass it along.

[via Tmo News]