T-Mobile is prepping for the upcoming holiday season by dropping prices of many of its most popular devices, at least according to a report from BriefMobile. The report comes from an internal memo sent to T-Mobile employees. Popular devices such as the HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and Samsung Galaxy S III will see price drops very soon for T-Mobile customers eligible for an upgrade or those opening a new account.

The source claims that the price drops will actually be starting today, November 7. The list of devices receiving a drop is quite long, so it looks like T-Mobile is hoping for a big holiday season this year. The most impressive price drop has to be the Samsung Galaxy S III going from $279.99 to $129.99 with a new contract. That’s a pretty solid deal for one of the premier Android devices on the market.

T-Mobile customers will also be able to grab an HTC One S for $99, down from $149. The Samsung Galaxy Note II will see its price drop from $369.99 to $249.99. The already affordable Samsung Galaxy S Blaze will go from $99 to $49. If this ends up being true, these are some pretty serious deals.

T-Mobile has yet to officially announce the price drops. It is still early in the day, so the price drop could occur at any time, if this rumor is to be believed. Hopefully, T-Mobile makes an announcement regarding these huge sales soon. As always, we will keep you posted on this as it develops.

[via BriefMobile]