We’ve been hearing a lot lately about what we might see from Google as the next Nexus smartphone. With the 1 year anniversary of the Galaxy Nexus fast approaching many are anticipating another Nexus will arrive shortly. The LG Nexus 4 has been in the news plenty with rumors stating a late October announcement — but now we’re hearing the HTC Nexus 5 name again.

So far we can pretty much count on the LG Nexus 4 launching, we just don’t know when. Then taking into account the reports of multiple Nexus devices coming this holiday season, which was reported earlier this year by the Wall Street Journal and several others, things are starting to make sense here. When the first pictures of HTC’s 5-inch phablet leaked many were calling it a Nexus, us included. Plus 720p HD phones were soo last month.

Original leaks and rumors from September were calling HTC’s unknown device the Nexus 5 — and now that we have a few more details this rumor is lining up quite nicely. This morning HTC officially announced their HTC phablet complete with mind-blowing specs. A 5-inch 1920x1080p full HD (440ppi) display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and all those other awesome specs we like. Now just a few hours later the Nexus 5 rumors and tips have started flowing in again.

All details point to the LG Nexus 4 being released or announced later this month. Considering the name being changed to 4 from Optimus G Nexus — the same could be said about the HTC device — being the 5th Nexus smartphone released. Oh and it has a 5-inch display to nicely match that beautiful title. HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, LG Nexus 4, and of course the HTC Nexus 5.

For now this is purely rumors and speculation, and many are still stating the HTC device will in fact land as an exclusive here in the US on Verizon as the DROID Incredible X. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on an HTC Nexus 5 below. This would certainly help Google push the cutting edge!


      • That’s what they said about the Verizon Galaxy Nexus…

        Also, running custom ROMs won’t save you, either, if the phone has buggy drivers like the G2X did.

      • definitely not the same. Chances are LG Nexus would be sold through Google Play store, not through carriers. The Google Play GSM Galaxy Nexus receive immediate updates, whereas the Verizon GNex have to go through Verizon approvals. Google Play > Direct. Carrier Nexus > Delays.

      • I would prefer is Google handled the updates but if I can get a PURE Google experience that will be a huge step forward from the TouchWiz crap I have now.

    • It’s def coming to Verizon but hopefully there will be a nexus variant of the device as well. I’m on Verizon so if that’s the case I’ll be there on launch day if it’s released as a nexus device and only has gsm and hspa compatibility I’ll be buying the phone as well as a straight talk sim card. One way or another this is my next phone. My GS3 is nice and I love the depth of amoled screens but super lcd 2 was amazing on the one x and I can’t wait to see the beauty of super lcd 3 in person.

    • Chances are Google will never have anymore exclusive Nexus handsets with Verizon or Sprint. The Nexus 5 will be a GSM/HSPA+ phone for T-mobile and AT&T. If anyone is thinking about the LG Nexus 4, just wait for the holidays.

  1. All I need to hear is one that will put the icing on the cake on this already impressive device (If it is the Nexus 5) would be 4g lte for Australians.. I will look no further this will be the phone of choice! You hearing me HTC??? Nexus 5 and Aussie 4g lte = ONE HELLOVA DEVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If there’s a microSD slot and a removable battery, then I’m 100% for this being the next true Nexus device. 🙂 This phone sounds awesome. After the Galaxy Nexus though, I want nothing to do with Verizon exclusives.

    • “If there’s a microSD slot and a removable battery”??? These two things are what make it pretty obvious that its not a nexus lol

      • True enough. I guess I’m just stating my beef with the Nexus line of phones. In my opinion those two things hold it back from being the absolute best phones on the market.

      • Just remember that the HTC made Nexus One had both SD card slot and removable battery…just saying. My hope is for a 32/64GB int storage plus SD card slot and a 2500+mAh removable battery.

    • There is a micro sd slot on the Japanese version so we’ll have to wait and see what the US version brings to the table. No matter what this phone is all me.

  3. The LG nexus 4 is a non starter for me. However, if this is going to be a nexus 5 … I would be all over it depending on how the battery test do. Little bit concerned about the battery in this one .

  4. A article states that the 5′ display of the HTC J Butterfly “beats the pants off” the iPhone and G3 displays!! Nice work, HTC! I’m looking to get it if its a Nexus device! 😀

    • Call what fake? The J Butterfly? It’s an officially announced phone, by HTC. Or are you meaning the idea of it being the basis for the next Nexus? No one has stated it is… just HOPES.

  5. 1080P, S4… someone said HTC “was” strugglin?
    HTC could, maybe take me away from Note 2!
    Too many choices are not good for a tech addict! Lol

    • I agree. I was dead set on getting the Note 2, which is a significant upgrade from my Motorola Charm on Eclair, but this is making me want to wait for more details to come out.

  6. Can the GSM version, pleease have LTE? pleeeaaaassse. Im on AT&T but the one thing I can’t stand is not having LTE on my GNex. PLLLLEEEASSEE!!

  7. I see a few complaints about Verizon exclusivity. There will always be a GSM version of the Nexus, whether a carrier decides to sell it so you can buy it subsidized is a different story.

  8. If there is indeed an htc nexus (which I see at very possible) based on the rumors it should be based on the Japanese release of the HTC J butterfly. This means it will have s4 pro cpu, adreno 320, 2020mAh battery, dust/water-proof, LTE, NFC, 2gb ram, 16gb internal expandable through microsd and an 8mp camera (hope this gets upgraded). A 5inch screen at 440ppi is surely a winner, the only prob is the battery and the camera. If they upgrade just these two then the phablet will be a total winner cause with a 5′ screen full HD the battery will be drained really fast.

  9. BAD BAD BAD BAD, HTC should most definitely not resort to changing the original brand name of the phone according to specified carriers in the US market. This is the same dissapointing bullcrap they pulled with the previous line of droid “incredibles” and used an absolutely terrible and confusing marketing scheme that cost HTC a 25% decrease in last quarter’s report. If HTC thinks they can pull themselves out by OEM the next nexus phone with fantastic specs, they better focus their money on effective marketing, not just throwing a bunch of specs in a phone then changing the name per carrier.

  10. With multiple Nexus phones coming out, I hope Google allows at least *some* of them to have a microSD slot. There certainly seems to be enough *physical* room for one on this phablet.

  11. This is exactly what the market needs. Remember when the new iPad broke the market with their 2048×1536 screen? Well, this is what HTC is doing here with this impressive device. Of course they don’t have the marketing power of Apple, but this would definitely make a great push to recover from last year losses and at the same time, put the Nexus brand where it should be. I’m totally sold to this phone and HTC quality products.

    Samsung is doing things right, but users need to realize that there are other makers, such as HTC that are starting to do things even better. Give them a chance.

  12. I’m really hoping on the Htc Nexus 5 from all the rumors this looks like a beast and I won’t change brands I’ve been with HTC since Android started my opinion is they have the best build quality out there I really hope the Nexus 5 is a true story would love for this to be my new device Google my money is in the bank

  13. this phone does look awesome, don’t get me wrong, but is a 1080p screen really necessary? i mean my one x has a 720 (i think) and i can’t make out a single pixel..just seems like something that sounds good, but you don’t actually need.


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