We have heard a few rumors but are now seeing what seems to be a internal document floating around emails at T-Mobile aimed and gearing up the staff for an upcoming event. Details are a bit light still but we are now seeing similar reports to what we original heard rumors about, those are that T-Mobile has some big plans coming later in September, specifically September 24th.

That Saturday has been listed as an “all hands day” for T-Mobile stores nationwide — meaning that all available staff must be prepped and ready to rock for what we are assuming is a big release date of some sort. The first thing that comes to mind is the Samsung Galaxy S II that is headed for T-Mobile. It was recently announced and said to be coming this fall. AT&T plans to launch their SGSII a few days earlier so maybe T-Mobile is trying to get it to market soon to better compete.

I don’t even wanna say this but it could also be the rumored iPhone 5 for T-Mobile, but I won’t go any farther into that discussion or I’ll get angry and start throwing things. Most likely this day will be all about Samsung and the Galaxy S II (Hercules) for T-Mobile but we wont know until more details come forward. It’s also slightly possible that some variation of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 or 10.1 might also be landing that day. Suspicious indeed, hopefully we know more soon.

[via TmoNews]



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