We have heard a lot about the upcoming myTouch 4G Slide as of late, from leaked roadmaps to full out actual photos of the phone being leaked. It is safe to say the myTouch 4G Slide (aka HTC Doubleshot) is headed to T-Mobile, and soon.

This phone has yet to receive any sort of official remarks from T-Mobile but with all the leaks we have been seeing it makes us wonder just how close this phone really is to launching. There is already some leaked accessories for the slide as well. For those that love android sliders and want something new to replace your aging G2 with this would be the perfect device.

A possible release date for the myTouch 4G Slide is listed as July 6th according to the leaked roadmap I linked to at the top of this post, so we could be seeing it as soon as the next few weeks. That would also line up pretty nicely with phones such as the G2 and its Gingerbread 2.3 update because the Slide should be running on Gingerbread when it launches according to more leaked photos. If the official press photo above is any indication we will be seeing this phone sooner than later so get ready all you slider phone lovers.

[via Cellphonesignal]