We have been hearing about the HTC DoubleShot for a while now. That is the code name for none other than the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide that is coming soon. Just last week some blurry photos of the device were leaked to the press, and now today we have some accessory cases showing how the final design will most likely look.

T-Mobile has yet to announce this device but we have a feeling it will be sometime soon especially with all the leaks and information coming out lately. Even a ROM for the Doubleshot was leaked a while back so it must be coming eventually right. It looks to now feature dual LED flash and they’ve moved the speaker down below.

We have covered this phone a few times but if you have missed any of that click all those links I’ve posted above. It will look extremely similar to the original myTouch 4G but feature a slide out QWERTY keyboard and that new dual-core Snapdragon processor like the Sensation 4G is touting around. Hopefully we get some official word or press shots soon so we can put an official face to the name of this phone. Stay tuned!

[via PocketNow]