So you’ve read our review, you fancy some MOTOBLUR action and you’re ready to pick up Motorola’s new CLIQ XT on T-Mobile.  Happily for you the smartphone has finally gone on sale, though the price is $129.99 rather than the $99.99 we heard it might be.

That’s if you’re willing to sign up to a new two-year Even More plan; T-Mobile are also offering the CLIQ XT for $329.99 on contract-free Even More Plus plans.  Your money gets you a 3.1-inch capacitive display, 3G/UMTS, WiFi b/g, MOTOBLUR social networking integration, a 5-megapixel camera and GPS.

Problem is, it also gets you Android 1.5, since Motorola haven’t yet updated MOTOBLUR to run on anything newer.  That’s one of our key complaints about the smartphone; for the rest, check out the full CLIQ XT review.