That’s a great price for this entry level phone, especially since it has Android 1.5 and is a Cliq without the keyboard. Although this device has been covered ever since it was codenamed Zeppelin, I don’t expect this to be a huge seller. But if you are in the market for a cheap touchscreen with extensive social networking capabilities then this is the phone for you.

A leaked price sheet puts the Cliq XT at $129.99, and as it turns out the actual price on a 2-year contract will be $99.99 or $199 with 1-year contract. Even More Plus customers might have to pay $329.99, these prices are still unconfirmed and are subject to change but these prices seem to fit the product so I expect this to be true. Anybody waiting on this, probably not but at $99 it will attract a few customers.

[via tmonews]