Looks like Walmart is at it again, trying to beat everyone with pre-orders and with pricing. Today they have started pre-orders for the LG G2x for $20 off the T-Mobile price of $199.99 with a new contract of course. Walmart has came out with the same pre-order at $179.99 but you better hurry, as it probably wont last long.

You should probably all know the G2x by now, if not here are a few links for you. Here is our G2x Hands-On, and talk of it working with both T-Mobile AND AT&T if the merger goes as planned. I also must mention that this beautiful phone will most likely be getting my favorite 3rd party software, CyanogenMod.

Walmart has done this in the past, they usually ship the same day as T-Mobile so users that choose to pre-order from Walmart over T-Mobile should get the device around the same time, or maybe early because that has happened before also. To be honest I think I’ll be pre-ordering it tonight myself. Yay for dual-core phones.

[via Walmart Wireless]