T-Mobile, who previously boasted over 300,000 preregistrations for the Galaxy S5 the week it was announced, will open up for pre-orders shortly. In fact, the first day to pre-order your Galaxy S5 from little magenta is March 24th. That’s one day ahead of the new HTC One Launch.

The device can be pre-ordered for $0 down, too. The announcement from T-Mobile states pre-orders will be done in-store, but notes nothing about online registration. That likely means you can only get the 16GB in-store, if previous rumors are true. Keep that in mind before you set time aside to head down to your local T-Mobile store. We’re also not sure if all colors will be available, as the announcement was light on device details.

“This thing is so hot we’ve already seen over a half a million pre-registrations for the Galaxy S5” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere via the announcement. T-Mobile is also saying that anyone who pre-orders before the end of March will get “a special, introductory price and be among the first to get the Galaxy S 5 without waiting in line – guaranteed.”

The timing is still not lost on us, here. Opening up the pre-orders a day before the HTC One launches? That’s cold. It takes a lot of moxie to do something like that, and we’re a bit surprised T-Mobile is getting involved like they are. The again, they have essentially told Blackberry customers to stop using those devices, so maybe T-Mobile is just sticking with their strongest players.