T-Mobile is hot for the Galaxy S5. They recently bragged about the number of pre-registrations they had for the new flagship device from Samsung, saying 300,000 people signed up within a week after it was announced. Though people are excited, they may not have the ability to get what they want. A new report puts the 16GB model in-store, while the 32GB device will have to be ordered online.

A leaked internal memo notes that the 16GB version can be had for those who walk into a T-Mobile store, but the 32GB version will have to be shipped to their doorstep. The memo notes has both versions listed under “Memory”, but says they will be offered via different methods. Oddly enough, it doesn’t note the 16GB as online in addition to being in-store. In that case, T-Mobile is forcing customers to make odd decisions about how to get the Galaxy S5 they want.

It’s also a strange choice for T-Mobile to make. We’re not sure if this is just for the launch, as one variety in-stores may help push units out the door and reduce the hemming and hawing about which variant to choose. One option, one choice, take it or leave it. It’s not necessarily a great plan (if it is what’s going on), but it does help to make things smoother on store personnel.

The device launches April 11th, so T-Mobile has time to change this if they like. There are a number of reasons this could be happening, but at the end of the day, they don’t matter much. Those who want a 32GB on launch day won’t be happy if they can’t get one, and if other carriers do — it could be trouble for T-Mobile.